Cross-Board One Night Hookup with a Stranger---Chapter Two

I could tell from his awkward gesture that he meant I am pretty and he liked me very much. He kissed me on the lips without any notice. I took it as a way for them to express their passion and affection. He was pretty cute. A tall and macho man with a little mustache on his chicks. I asked what is his occupation, he showed me his muscle. I think he might be a model, because he really had a perfect body-shape. He turned around and showed me his body and also his nice butt. He asked if I was alone and why I was alone. I tried to explain that my friend forgot her phone and the whole process, but I found it is just too difficult to clear that to him without knowing his language. So I told him that I was alone. Hearing that, he sat himself down. Find one night hookup on the top free dating apps.

It looked like he won’t be leaving in short time, which is totally fine, because I had no idea about when my friend would be back and I really enjoyed his company. He suggested that we should play a game. He even asked the bar-tender to be our translator and explain the game to me in English. Since we didn’t know each other’s language, we can ask each other questions and we would answer it in our own language and it must be the truth. We can ask any intimate and personal questions. There is no way to find out what we answer, but it should be fun to guess and observe the facial expression and body gestures. I thought we didn’t understand each other, so it wouldn’t matter so much and it definitely sound fun.

Of course, we must understand what we asked. We can use our body language and also we can ask the bar-tender to translate for us. He asked me several questions. The first one was if I was single, which was pretty easy to answer with just a nod. Then it was my turn. I asked the same, he was single as well. He asked the second question. How do I think of him? I said in English that he was pretty cute and attractive, I enjoyed his company. But of course, he didn’t understand that. But he explained that he could tell I like him. My second question went the same as him. He gave me another huge kiss to answer that. I was pretty flattered. His third question was what was my perspective toward relationships. This was a pretty deep-going question. I said a lot about my past relationships and my yearn for marriage. He didn’t understand a word. Just when I was about to ask the third question. He said “I totally understand you” in standard accent. I was so shocked. He knew English! Find tinder hookup on the top free dating apps.

I was a little angry at first, but I couldn’t get angry anymore when he kissed me again. This time, he kissed harder with his tongue deep inside my mouth. I felt my body turned soft and strengthless. He held me into his body. Then he asked if I would like to come with him upstairs. I nodded. Just like that, we had a one night hookup.