Tips for Swingers on How to Have a Threesome

Go to bars, clubs or online dating apps to find your swinger lifestyle. When you are searching for your threesome partners, there might be some risks. It could possibly happen in a bar where you find a person to go home with. If there is drinking, make sure that you are both sober or not too drunk. Before agreeing to the idea of having a threesome, be sure that you have a clear mind and know what you are doing. Online threesome apps may take some time, because there are lots of fake profiles and scammers, so try to find a serious and nice threesome dating apps, such as 3rder. Have some patience in this and keep calm and keep going. It will eventually come if you really want it that much.

Remember that you are about to sleep with another stranger or two strangers. Therefore, before jumping into bed, have a meeting in public first. You can go to a dinner or a movie. In other words, you want to make sure the person or persons are of no danger to you or to anyone else. You definitely don't want to invite a killer or a rapist to your bed. After the first date, talk to your partner about it and see how you two feel.

Make sure she really likes her. Many guys tend to assume their girlfriend to be bisexual. I think there is also a fantasy of most men. They would be turned on by seeing their girlfriend making out with another girl. In their subconscious, they would simply reckon it as a fact. Men seems always more of a pusher when it comes to threesome and couple dating. However, this does not apply for all women. Sometimes, some women just don't like the girl the boyfriend chooses. The reasons vary. Some girlfriends might think that the third is too pretty and they feel threatened by her. Some may think that the third is too plain and they are not attracted. Make sure that your girlfriend likes the third. This is very important and it can prevent some unnecessary jealousy and insecurity.

Where is this threesome going to take place? Hotel or your house? I like the idea of hotel, because it offers a sense of newness and excitement, but if you think it is not safe and clean, you can feel free to invite the third to your house. Prepare to do some cleaning next day. Sometimes it can be a little scary to go to a new place where you are going to play all night, no matter you are a single or a swinger couple. In fact, all you need are one bed, one sofa and one table.